You can do all … You can also get help

As a parent, partner, as older brothers, as teachers, tutors, mentors and generally any role in which we are responsible for the welfare of someone else (at least in some area of your life), we endeavor to convey the sure she can do and will do all that is proposed, we will say and do everything possible to convey that sense of power to give her the assurance that there my be impossible for her.

Generally we tell our loved ones phrases like «you can», «of course you can,» «yes you will succeed», «you do not give up» without reflecting on actions that our words will cause.

The power and ability to do something must always be framed in moral values, circumstances, moments and times that prevent self destruction and destruction of others. This power should have first priority to physical, emotional and spiritual integrity of the person and those around her.

Is positive and praiseworthy that we plant in that person the idea that she can do anything, however it is also necessary to explain to her that she should make sure that whatever do not harm anyone at any time or under any circumstances

What moments, when and under what circumstances one of your children might accept going to a party ?, Where, with whom, when could your daughter or your student accept a drink?

To get help

Often we forget that accompany «You can» for sentences involving self-knowledge. If each of us does not know and accept their own abilities, interests, knowledge, experiences, and talents will be difficult to know when it will be necessary to ask for help, feeling tired or ask for vacation.

If you do not explain to your family and significant others that is Important to ask for help , you’re not teaching them teamwork or surround themselves with people that complement their skills , talents and knowledge.

If you do not tell them they can feel tired , they risk being abused in their jobs because their idea they can do everything be imposed on physical fatigue. If you can not explain that they may also feel tired and can get help people suffering constant state of stress, and fatigue , which may lead to diseases and / or disabilities difficult to reverse.

You can ask for help !,You may feel tired in ! are phrases that empowering

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