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Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a behavioral state within which a person operates in a condition of «neutral anxiety», using a range of behaviors to achieve a consistent level of performance without a sense of risk (White 2009)

The comfort zone is not limiting per se, in fact changes that lead to growth begin recognizing comfort zones.

The Comfort Zone provides Certainty

The comfort zone is a safe area, which does not mean necessarily be a happy zone. It is an area that is well known, in which the risks are perfectly detected, as well as behaviors, attitudes, skills and habits that give us certainty about the results and consequences of what we do and therefore allows us to also identify that over we have no certainty what causes us uncertainty and therefore avoided.

The comfort zone we know what to say and do to ensure acceptance of those around us, how to behave in order to avoid conflicts and how to solve them, is an area known.

When you are a student know exactly under what conditions your parents accept your low grades, what grade they consider low, as you know that then you do your plan to take exams and get the minimum score needed to save trouble at home. Likewise in your job you know the priority that your superiors will give everything you do and I mean not only the result of the work assigned to you, but to the forms, manners the customs with which you act as soon as you’re with them, and based on that you conduct to avoid misunderstandings; on the other hand you also know how to react to your subordinates and your peers in situations that cause conflict and taking into account that have the words and actions you should take to resolve these conflicts.

A person with an addiction knows what to do to get a driver that fits his need whether what he does good or bad, knows what to say; to whom and in what time, to get the «help» he needs, whether true or not what he says, he knows what places should not attend because they represent a hazard, regardless of what «risk» means. That is, he is certain about what to do, what to say and what habits are useful to get what you need; clearly this is not a happy person, but if a person living in certainty.

When Leaving the Comfort Zone?

The comfort zone while being comfortable just as soon as an event occurs, you have a dream or a situation that causes uncertainty about what actions to take, the consequences of the actions and / or results and consequences of our actions is presented. You’re limited by the comfort zone when you need to leave the certainty !.

Maybe when you leave the primary and enter high school, the grade you get used to get as a minimum qualification to avoid problems at home is no longer satisfactory to your parents, maybe even it’s no longer just an issue that matters for purposes only avoid scolding and rebukes at home, but rather now it is to achieve your own dream. In this case it is clear that you need to change your habits, customs, actions, and that you will begin a cycle testing and error to find the habits, customs and actions that will provide certainty as to the results and consequences that want to get back.

At your job when you ascend you will find that your superiors have different priorities about what you do, your decisions affect more and therefore have to make changes to your own priorities, the perspective from which you see globally the company and from where you see your superiors, subordinates and peers.

The arrival of a new member to the family brings uncertainty as to what needs changing, in order to adapt to the new presence. Also become the new family member will put you through a situation that causes uncertainty because you’ll encounter unfamiliar customs and protocols for you.

Leaving a comfort zone always raises uncertainty and to overcome it is necessary to build a new comfort zone that you know well, to provide to you safety, comfort and certainty, you’ll be there for a while until some external factor appears to push you to leave to create a new one.

Does the comfort zone where you are gives you happiness or just gives you certainty ?. If your comfort zone gives you happiness then enjoy it, get to know, if you just gives you certainty; that comfort zone, it served its purpose which was to:

  1. Your growth
  2. You gave a space for you to be happy
  3. Show their limits to invite you to invent a new comfort zone

As you can see this is a cycle consisting of: growth – enjoyment-inventive, and is part of life Live it !. When the comfort zone in which you are not enough, Build a new comfort zone!

Moises Perez Cosgaya

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